It is a cram school is in Nishi-Ku, Sapporo 8 hotels.
It is a cram school to studying how learning and would like to learn from the elementary school.
So can wearing a zest for a variety of events not only through each instructor will hard hitting instruction.

Course introduction

Elementary school preparatory course

It is a course to teach happily tired hour, learning becomes the basis of the national language and arithmetic.
Senior it's downward from the courses available upon request.

Elementary course

Basic language and mathematics, grades like the English once a week 1 hour study.
Incorporates learning between classes range of science and society issues with playing cards and games you learn as well.

Japanese language
Are descriptive problems often, not just choose a symbol materials by using the wave of school education reform.
Proverb, four-character idioms learn in a card or cards, vocabulary reinforcement of all basic language skills into the force.
However, Japanese is basic chatting, interacting with the instructor.
It is basic elementary school to have fun with language skills, and fun to talk to adults.
Also, the dons by learning guide, learn lots of knowledge in their power.

Students not only math text for solving problems of daily living, enjoyable and I hope so.
It is in lower grades count from 1 to 100 and to grow work scratching the circle with a compass firmly been age, too easy, so it read problem refreshing come to head.
On teaching math head can not practice quite at home.

More Poland Michal teacher has coached more.
It is a class that you can improve your English are playing, even.
Also students from elementary school and EIKEN striving to get.

Junior high school students


Nightly two-hour, versatile teachers are teaching subject for each day of the week.
You may, however, raise academic achievement while working on homework would come to class every day and will be chased by school, so.
Monday science, Tuesday the language, Wednesday math, Thursday society, Friday English and could have decided textbook work, in such a test the next day turn into ad-hoc curriculum is Kirin's strengths.
Without partners, a special summer course so just do not understand, monthly scholastic ability test and understand each student aims to improve the results.

* All prices are tax included.

Elementary course

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[In English only of course heating and cooling costs]

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Junior high school students

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