It is a cram school is in Nishi-Ku, Sapporo 8 hotels.
It is a cram school to studying how learning and would like to learn from the elementary school.
So can wearing a zest for a variety of events not only through each instructor will hard hitting instruction.

From parents of graduates



Mr. S.A

[Learning, concentration and thinking that enabled]
From sixth grade until junior high school graduation was going.
"Studying child like fun going!" and MOM heard from a friend that it was.
And learning in elementary school family atmosphere, becoming a junior high school student from lessons and extracurricular activities while went to school every day on weekdays.
You could go on to hope high school was not to study at home,.
Does not go to school in high school, as the school and home learning, good at mathematics and science subjects, every grade 1-we keep second place.
We can learn, in the cram school of thought in the concentration and their in.
Thank you very much.

S. high school, there was strict when noisy during class, but good so far! And growth is one of the students was.
The future is fun.

D.K you

[Their studying, studying how to get! ]
For senior high school entrance examination is beyond this study and testing. Is often considered actually enters the high school exams, I'll then work qualifications, life continues.
My child. Daily classes are boring from knowing how to study in primary and secondary schools, I don't know.
On the other hand of course to fall well.
"And work hard! Hard as it is "and says adults around, but"not sure how you study,"I think it was the real intention of the person in question.
At this time I also "at this time..." "go high school might not be" that in haste to pray anyway, had the Kilin Hotel daily from the middle of eighth grade.
Thanks, little by little, expanded school and grade, in high school I.
I was took in high school without even elementary school took 100 points.
Later it came to doing the work he needs to strength, realized.
Sometimes child on a child under the "elementary school children from going to school I'm feeling good-might be different if I go early to", and hear the conversation saying.
It is while laughing inwardly "it might sooner, given good, let school sorry I think.
I would always come when Kirin hotel may be also many other school assignments given, you can tell me the examination techniques in their studies and learn how to get sounds in a parent-child "and was good to go!".

Started 2 hours sitting alone was so sound D I.
Cram schools just to test efficiently teach, remember, was lauded as a teacher at the school and think that grades are not up half pressed himself, it takes time, but third-year students from.
I am overjoyed and went to high school students who graduate from the Kilin Hotel from also taking an active part to hear.

Frequently asked questions

Elementary course



Q1 You must go to cram schools from elementary school?
Unlike the old days had gone to school on Saturday, school curriculum is overwhelmingly seems to need more time.
Unlike the time when listening to teachers at the school, had studied is moderate and does not understand in the school and are left in a Tan.
Different and fun to study out of elementary school to remember from junior high school.

Q2 In the junior high school examination do not need a school from elementary school??
Entrance is only a means to go to school, don't existwith examination and qualification exams, including lifetime learning.
Kilin Hotel believe important effort at finding a way forward that kids future get from elementary school age to learn it.

Q3 Use any materials?
Firmly believe, don't answer in written materials it uses, rather than issues like choosing a symbol materials used in.
Instead of focusing on their thinking and text only, cards, playing cards, dictionary and encyclopedia, all this is.
Students should be able to think and learn in their lives.

Q4 If the rest is direct debit instruction?
Studied in the grades concerned, so transfer is discouraged, but if you're class and the class, class at any time are available.

Q5 Elementary school students also twice a year why achievement tests required to do?
The achievement test isn't necessary, because even though in the junior high school examination? Might think, let's study prepared for the tests, test preparation and review process introduced.
Tests were to leave will review the best textbook tells us, rather than to not know.

Junior high school students



Q1 Week 3 days or more in the course and daily Juku?
Yes, every day is possible Juku.
In the coming time will just idly at home and school can study effectively.

Q2 Week by week 2 course Juku is fixed?
Fixed are not required.
Also not taking once last week, so this week three times ' Juku ' and that is OK.
However, as much as possible every week 2 day to disturb those leads to the achievement.

Q3 The achievement test every month unless you take?
You will see by reviewing the achievement test is like the children's monthly examination I.
Said to have carried out a monthly by reviewing the achievement tests in different rate not set, like a special summer course, tailored to each person's training.
You can also, without resorting to prep school, such as review where do not understand their own power with in senior high school and then to university entrance exams.

Q4 Homework time and goes to school every day.
Addressing school homework in the cram school of the time.
Will also fit the child for the next test challenges as school instructors presenting school homework and assignments are top priority.
Time to learn secondary school subjects.
While primary school students the academic skills can be self-taught for school without resorting to the prep school after high school.